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Working with your sister? your brother?

Let’s face it. To be successful in business you need to work hard and outsmart your competition. Now add the challenge of working with a sister or brother. You may like each other. Maybe even love each other as your … Continue reading

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MOM? Malt-O-Meal Is Going Maternal

By E.J. Schultz Link to Ad Age Blogs, click here. MOM! It’s what’s for breakfast! Breakfast-food marketer Malt-o-Meal is renaming itself “MOM Brands” as part of a corporate rebranding effort aimed at bringing more exposure to its growing stable of … Continue reading

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Shareholder Roles and Responsibilities – Family Meetings

Anticipating the First Family Meeting Perspective: Rick, the 2nd Generation CEO Just what I was hoping for – another meeting, and this time it’s a meeting with family members where the group might have to make a decision on something … Continue reading

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